Dan Rolland is a Venture Partner with Tycoon Venture Partners. Dan has a passion for startups and wants to connect with more founders on their entrepreneurial journey. He started his first business when he was a freshman at The University of Colorado and was immediately hooked on the thrill of the ups and downs of startup life! He started a business called hungrybuffs which is an on-demand restaurant delivery platform. After seeing early success in Boulder, they expanded to several other cities, including Denver. He sold his profitable business in 2016. Being an entrepreneur is both scary and rewarding. It taught him how to think outside of the box but also taught him all the components of running a business. His favorite aspect of running a business is marketing and sales. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle that requires balance to avoid burnout. Dan joined Tycoon Venture Partners because he can relate to the constant unknowns of running a business and wants to be a helping hand to others in a similar position. He is currently on the founding team of a new yogurt-based dough company called ‘Yough!’ that is launching this summer, so he is still in the trenches himself! Dan moved to West Palm Beach a couple of months ago and he currently lives there with his soon-to-be wife and his three little animals. Dan loves to read, run and play golf.